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Today, junior and senior high school students must make decisions regarding education that will be critical to their future. Parents have great hopes for their children and want to help them to be the ‘best that they can be.’ Students worry about whether they will make the right decisions and whether they really know what they want. This is a difficult, emotional and often times confusing process for both student and parent. If you begin thinking, researching and planning for this decision even sooner, you will find the process less stressful and you will increase the chances of making better decisions.

Education has never been more important in helping young people find their calling and become productive and fulfilled professionals, citizens and parents. If students know what they want as a future career, it is very likely that many other students want the same thing. How does one make their credentials stand out from the rest of the applicants? In the more likely event that a student does not yet have a clear notion of their future, how does one proceed? Opportunities may be numerous but one must be prepared to find out what they are and how to take advantage of them. This can be especially challenging when the world of work is so far removed from students’ daily experiences. In addition, the job one ultimately has may not even exist today. How does one prepare for a future that highly competitive, very unclear or even both?

Norman S. Smith, Ed.D. brings years of careful, caring attention and experience in both the US and Canada to the task of working with parents and students to understand careers, professions, higher education admissions and financing. Working one-on-one, a plan is created that includes careful attention to a student’s goal, values, personality, academic achievement, unique skills and financial need.

I look forward to helping you. Explore my website. Then call, email, write or fax to learn more about my services.

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